Thursday, April 7, 2016

Property Update

As mentioned in an earlier post, we'll be cleaning up the property in Magatas to make a place for a garden. We'll eventually put the house out there, but in the mean time setting aside a portion for a garden seems like a good idea.

Before we start on the house, we'll also need to redo the fence to adjust to the new area we recently purchased.

These photos were taken this morning - Apr.07, 2016. Tomorrow, we'll start working. It'll be after next payday - maybe the weekend of the 23rd - before we purchase the fencing materials. We'll hire someone to make the cement posts; Cathy's dad says that'll be cheaper than buying ready made posts. If he can get hold of a post hole digger, it should only a day or two to redo the fence.

Of course, I'll try to keep up with the before and after photos.

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