Thursday, November 6, 2008

Imagine Their Disappointment.

Checking the stats for my blog with Google Analytics, I discovered that I had received an unusually high number of hits yesterday. The highest ranking post was one I had written in August.... Obama Picks Cabinet Members.
The reason for this,I learned, is that when the phrase Obama picks cabinet members is typed into the Google search engine, my post is top on the list of 257,000 results. (I'm posting the screen shot of that result as evidence....Google results can change over time).
That post was not a serious discussion of who Obama might choose, but an attempt at humor by making fun of Obama having told us to inflate our tires to save on gasoline. I included a Gimped photo of an assortment of tire gauges and a text loaded with....huh, tired puns:
"In a unprecedented move for an American politician, Presidential candidate, B.H.Obama released the names of the members of his Cabinet months before the election takes place.
Speaking at press conference in front of the closed Goodyear tire plant in Rockmart, GA., Obama said,
'Although the road is long and difficult, we will never tire.Pressure from the Republicans will not deflate us.This how the future will gauge our success.'
He was later photographed with the members of his proposed cabinet."

I can imagine the disappointment of those looking for valuable information and getting my post instead.
I hope that post continues to rank high for a long time to come.

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LarryD said...

Well, maybe they chuckled once or twice. That's a punny post!