Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama and Same Sex Marriage.

In an article, recently published in USA Today, [ Where's the Outrage?] writer James Kirchick laments that, while 70% of gays and lesbians in California voted for Barack Obama, an equal percentage of African - American voters in that state voted to ban same sex marriage.

He writes,

"Unfortunately, many gay men and lesbians cannot fully share in the excitement over the president-elect's much-hyped promise to "change" America, especially when a significant number of his supporters members of the ethnic group whose progress we are celebrating oppose our legal equality. "

I decided that, in all fairness, before commenting on this, I'd look into what Obama has to say about same sex marriage.Obama's response to the question of gay marriage is very similar to the liberal's pat answer on abortion....which is, I'm personally opposed to abortions, but........ His feelings on gay marriage run along the same line. I'm opposed to gay marriage, but I support civil unions.

I watched a number of YouTube videos with Barack Obama talking about the subject and in two of those videos he speaks of his parents' marriage in the early 1960s. He notes that in several states, their marriage would have been illegal at that time ( due to anti-miscegenation laws ) and he says he is sympathetic to their cause.

Likewise, had the Supreme Court not overturned those anti-miscegenation laws my wife and I could not have married in Georgia either. However, unlike Obama, I can see a difference between the laws that would not allow couples of different races to marry and the laws banning same sex marriage.

The anti-miscegenation laws were based on racist ideas......the idea that some races were inferior to "whites" and the two shouldn't mix.
Firstly, there is no religious prohibition on different races marrying. Months before the Supreme Court ruling, the Roman Catholic Church supported interracial couples in their struggle for the right to marry.

Secondly, there is no biological or evolutionary reason why interracial couples cannot marry. Those marriages can and do produce normal offspring.
The same cannot be said for same sex marriages.

Until recently, no religion has ever sanctioned same sex unions. It is only now that some "christian" denominations permit them......and these denominations are clearly going against the traditional teachings of Christianity.

These days, many people seem to be unaware of the fact that sexual intercourse is for the purpose of propagating our species. Obviously, gays and lesbians cannot do that without utilizing some kind of neo-Frankensteinian alchemy.

If one wants to support the idea of same sex marriage, you need to drop the comparison with interracial marriage argument. There really is no comparison.

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Joe of St. Thérèse said...

When the GL communities decided to equate their situation to civil rights...that was their downfall.