Saturday, November 8, 2008

Will Obama abandon Poland?

Wednesday,Russian President Dimitry Medvedev warned that he would deploy missiles in western Kaliningrad should the United States continue it's planned Defense Shield in Poland and the Czech Republic.
Poland expects the incoming Obama administration to go ahead with the plan.

Kevin Dougherty wrote in Stars & Stripes,
"Poles surveyed prior to the U.S. election showed strong support for McCain, the highest in Europe at 38 percent, according to Dobrowolski. He attributed McCain’s popularity in Poland to the Republican nominee’s tough stance toward Russia."

The European Union expressed "strong concern" over Russia's plan to place the missiles near Poland's border.

Which path will Obama take?
Will he protect eastern Europe or will he acquiesce to Russia's demands?

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LarryD said...

Joe Biden: "I guarantee that he will be tested within the first 6 months. You won't like his decision; you'll think he's going in the wrong direction, but trust us."

Translation: US joins the EU.