Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Brouhaha with BrooWaha.

This past weekend, I happened upon an ad for website called which, at first, looked as if it might offer something of interest to me.

Calling itself "Your Citizen Newspaper" it looked like the ideal vehicle for reaching a larger audience with my blog.

After opening an account, I submitted than my first article....actually it was a retitled copy of my blog post on in vitro fertilization clinics in India. So far, so good.

No long afterward, I submitted my blog post, Obama- a "Limbaugh Christian"? This articled was accepted, as well, though the title came out as "Obama..a "

That article brought down the wrath of a few Liberals and consequently, it was my brouhaha with one such Progressive that prompted me to write my post, Is Islam a Religion of Peace? which I submitted to the editor soon after.

Two hours after I submitted my piece on Islam, a rejection email arrived in my inbox.

Judging from the articles published on the website, there's no doubt that that rejection was done because of Liberal, political correctness.

I went to the perseverances in my account and tried to disassociate myself from BrooWaha but could not find any way to do so.

I sent an email, but to no avail. So, after 24 hours with no response to my email asking to terminate my connection, I submitted an article which, basically stated that I wanted my associate with those folks to end........along with the BrooWaha Bites jpg shown in this post.

If they haven't deleted my account in another 24 hours, I'll submit this post.


LarryD said...

I bet if you submitted a post about the eeeeeeevviiiilllllll Catholic Church, they'd publish it without a second thought.

Robert said...

I'm tempted to open another account under a different name to find out.

Jen and Tonic said...

This doesn't surprise me at all. Tony, the one who most likely declined your article, definitely has an agenda.

You're better off without the site, trust me.