Monday, August 30, 2010

Update on Last Friday's Post.

The most pertinent question brought up by my last post, Website: Catholic Bashing, OK. Muslims, Not So Much, was put forward by LarryD of Acts Of The Apostasy, when he asked,
"So - are you going to expose them for their hypocrisy?"

I wasn't sure just how to go about exposing the site, other than writing the post and sending emails to a few folks.....none of whom are particularly influential. I knew I wanted the editors of BrooWaha to read my post; I also wanted some of the regulars at the site to see the management for what they truly are.

My first thought was to have "Wanda Tuinphro" submit Friday's post to the folks at BrooWaha. I knew it would not get published; I wasn't sure how they would react. Would they eliminate mine two accounts there? Since that was a possibility, I decided to send links to the blog post to some of the writers. The article that "Wanda" had submitted originally had generated comments from two such writers and a message from a third. Saturday morning, I sent messages containing a link to Friday's post, to those three, letting each one read my accusations against

All three sent a reply to me, though only one of the three seems to have enough reading comprehension to have understood the point of the post.

This morning around 5:00 AM, I had Wanda submit the post to the editors of BrooWaha as an article. Now, six hours later, the decision on what to do with the article is still "pending". I know, of course, the article will never see the light of day. I'm simply curious to see how the editors will respond. Right now, their response seems to be, "let's just ignore the whole thing".


Al said...

I just checked things out, as of 2:45 am CDT on Tuesday 31 August 2010 the article has been published. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for anyone at BrooWaha to catch on.

But then given that if the 3 of those commenting who totally miss the point are typical, it may be a while. Are those 3 really that dumb that they focus on who you really are & totally miss the point of why you felt the need for Wanda?

As for the person who denies the facts, well your (Wanda's) answer hits it on the nail.

PS Where did you dig up the picture of Wanda.

Robert said...

You're right Al, those three really are that dumb....that's why they're "Progressives".

LarryD said...

I left a comment on Broowaha commending you. I don't have the patience to argue with the other commenters. They couldn't find three walls of a square room between them.

Robert said...

Thanks from me .....and Wanda :)

Al said...

Robert, while my question was rhetorical you make a good point about the connection between dumb & progressive. As I have gotten older & wiser, I have come to see how being progressive is anything but. Unfortunately most "progressives" may be growing older, but they are definitely NOT wiser.