Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Routine.

Yesterday was my son J.P.'s first day in school. Because of my work schedule, I have, for years, kept him at home with me until just before going into work (at 3 PM) when I would drop him off at a baby sitter's home to stay until my wife got off work at 3:30.

Now that he is in pre-k, I have six or seven hours of "alone time" to do things that I couldn't always do before while I was watching him. This new routine means more time to do whatever I wish to do.

Now that he's in school, I can more easily find the quiet time to meditate and/or pray the Rosary and although he and I often went to Mass together on Friday, it is easier now for me to attend Mass every day.

And of course, I'll have more time to spend on writing. The additional time spent in meditation, pray and Mass will be easily put to good use. I'm not so certain that the additional time that can be spent writing will be nearly as productive.

Only time will tell.


Olga said...

You must be missing him already Robert. Our home feels empty and lifeless without Abby in it.

Robert said...

You're right Olga. The first day wasn't so bad because I was working a double shift, but I really missed him yesterday.