Friday, August 27, 2010

Website: Catholic Bashing, OK. Muslims, Not So Much.

I honestly wish the circumstances hadn't turned out this way; I would like to think that I had been wrong in my assumptions and that this post would be unnecessary.

This post is a continuation of one I had written this past Tuesday, entitled My Brouhaha with BrooWaha. For those of you who have not read that post, allow me to bring you up to speed.

Last weekend, I happened upon a website called The website is promoted as "Your Citizen Newspaper", enabling writers to board another vehicle in hopes of getting their words out onto the Internet. Thinking it might be a good opportunity, I submitted two pieces from my blog right away, both of which, were published.

It was my third article which started this rather odd chain of events. I submitted a piece which I posted onto this blog - Is Islam a Religion of Peace? - In that post, I laid out several instances where Muslims had committed what can only be described as atrocities. In each instance, the perpetrator was acting in accordance with Islamic law.

This article was rejected by the editors of BrooWaha. I suspected that the reason for the rejection could only be out of Liberal, political correctness which maintains that telling the truth about Islam makes one a bigot.

In his comment on my Brouhaha post, blogger LarryD opined,

"I bet if you submitted a post about the eeeeeeevviiiilllllll Catholic Church, they'd publish it without a second thought."

I was certain Larry was correct, so I'd do just that.

Many of my readers will recall some of my posts from 2009, where I created characters to goof on a group of Nigerian scammers who had sent emails to one of my accounts. One of these characters was a "woman" I had given the name, Wanda Tuinphro. It was time to bring Wanda back to life and have her open an account with

After creating a profile for Wanda, I set about putting together an article. Rather than spend a lot of time writing some sort of anti-Catholic drivel which I didn't really believe, I googled the phrase evil catholic church and after going through a number of pages, found a blog written by someone who despises the Catholic Church. I simply copied portions of one post - along with something from the comments section - and put it all together, calling it "Will the Pope Apologize for Rizal?"

Wanda submitted that article, along with a photo of Jose Rizal. Of course, the website, which would never publish something defaming Islam, had no problem publishing Wanda's article.
As I write this, the article can be found here.

On the front page of the publication, the article is referred to as "persuasive".

Naturally, because I have no idea how long the article will remain online - particularly if someone hammers BrooWaha - I have taken screen shots as evidence, which I'll post below.

Funny thing, I haven't actually read all the terrible things Wanda "wrote", but someone who visits the website was impressed. After reading the trash, this person commented,

"You have to wonder sometimes what Christ would think of all the evils, past, present and future, done in his name. If I were he, I don't think I'd be flattered. Christ's message was this: "Love God. Love Your Neighbor." Five words, and from those five words, rivers of laws and rules and opinions and translations have flowed, until today, when we stand entangled in words that have lost their heart, their power and their message.

So, no, I don't think you will receive your apology, so long as the earthly sector of the church is run by fallible humans. Maybe we should have a World Day of Forgiveness. Then we could start from scratch, with clean hearts and wiser heads and make a better job of it."


Al said...

Robert, the big difference between your piece on Islam & this faux piece is that in the other, you told the truth about Islam.

I wish I could say I am surprized by the outcome of your LarryD inspired experiment, I'm not.

Matthew Avitabile said...

People are afraid of making fun of Islam because they don't want to get bombded.

Robert said...

@ Al,
You're right....nobody's surprised that they would publish this.

@ Matt,
Not only can you not make fun of Islam, you can't tell the truth about this "religion of peace".

LarryD said...

Wow, I am so shocked...not.

In the end, though, I am better off being in a faith that doesn't summarily kill its objectors as a fulfillment of its tenets.

So - are you going to expose them for their hypocrisy?

Robert said...

"So - are you going to expose them for their hypocrisy?"

Other than putting out this post and sending it to a few folks, I'm not sure what else I can do. Any suggestions?

LarryD said...

Let me think about it for a day or so.

Robert said...