Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Not So Hidden Agenda.

There was never any doubt in my mind that a homosexual, Federal Judge in California would overturn that state's Proposition 8, which bans same-sex "marriage".

Likewise, there was never any doubt that, whatever Judge Vaughn Walker decision would be, the losing side would continue to press on and eventually bring the case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

To me, the question has been, why do homosexuals want so called, "same-sex marriage" legalized in the first place? I can understand why a couple would desire to have their relationship sanctioned in a religious ceremony but, what purpose is served by having the relationship recognized by the State?

There are, of course, some tax advantages that married couples have which unmarried couples are not afforded. These advantages could be eliminated were we to get rid of the income tax and put the Fair Tax into effect. With a Will, one can leave their possessions to anyone they choose......marriage isn't required for that. Social Security regulations should be changed to allow individuals to pass on their money to whom ever they choose as well.

So, why then do so many homosexuals argue for "marriage equality"?

A comment on an article in the On Faith section of the Washington Post [Proposition 8 ruling in California: religion roundup] gives us a clue;

"Religions should not be participants in the marriage business. Once gays become fully enfranchised and have the right to marry, I cannot see how we can continue to give tax exempt status to religious institutions that discriminate against gays in any way.

In the interim, clerics should not be permitted to conduct marriage ceremonies; marriage is a legally binding contract. If religious institutions wish to perform some sort of post-marriage ceremony, fine. But, again, any institution that does not fully accept the rights of gay citizens should not benefit from nonprofit status. Period."

Traditionally minded Churches do not, of course, permit homosexual sex.

The motive behind this push for "same-sex marriage" is the destruction of morally as we've known it for thousands of years. Those behind this movement want to destroy the Church and all those who recognize the truth of homosexuality being a sin against God and Nature. Sex is, fundamentally, about reproduction of the species. Homosexuality is disordered.

Sadly, the U.S. Supreme Court may very well uphold Judge Walker's decision. An earlier Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand and even as "conservative" as this current court is alleged to be, Roe vs. Wade is still the law of the land.

Those cheering Judge Walker's decision may claim that theirs is a fight for equality but, true equality does not and cannot exist. Theirs is a fight to destroy religion and truth.


Dominique said...

Would they also allow homosexuals to divorce? Just askin'....

Robert said...

Hi Dom,
This has already come up.......if a gay couple gets married in a State which allows same sex marriage, they can get a divorce in that State provided they are residents of that State. If they are not residents of that State, then it gets complicated. They can't get divorced in a State that doesn't allow same sex marriage.