Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sinead O'Conner Weds For The Third Time.

I guess I'm out of it. I'm not up on all the latest news of marriages of all the celebrities that inhabit this planet. I'm only just now learning of Sinead O'Connor's third marriage.

The official statement posted on her blog read, in part,

"Thanks be to the Great Lord Jah.
Dread I.
Conquering Lion I.
One love."

Some time after becoming a "priest" of the heretical Latin Tridentine Church, taking the name "Mother Bernadette Mary" (and subsequently being excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church) O'Conner vowed a commitment to chastity....a vow she broke soon afterward. With the references to Jah and Rastafari, it appears she may have abandoned her "priesthood" as well.

The story of her third marriage gives a list of the names of her former husbands, as well as the fathers of her children. Like the photo we see on the left, it's not a pretty picture.

First husband, John Reynolds with whom she had one son, Jake.

2nd child, Roisin was fathered by John Waters with whom she never married.

Second husband, Nick Sommerland. No children together.

3rd child, Shane was fathered by Donal Lunny with whom she never married.

4th child, Yeshua was fathered by Frank Bonadio with whom she never married.

Third husband, Steve Cooney.

The tale of personal life as given in wikipedia is bizarre beyond comprehension.

Once famous for her singing, O'Conner is now mainly known for her criticism for the Catholic Church in general and the Pope in particular. She is often interviewed concerning sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and articles on the issue usually mention that she was abused as a child. By this mention, the impression is given that she was sexually abused by someone inside the church, when, according to her, she was actually physically abused by her mother.

Don't be surprised to read of her third divorce soon.

Update: 12/27/2011
Sinead O'Connor ends fourth marriage after 16 days.

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bill bannon said...

If God brought these sins before you, it is meant that you intercede for all of these individuals. That's why God had you see these things....not so that you feel diffetent than her....but that you intercede.