Saturday, June 4, 2016

As Usual, Hillary Blames Victim

As anti-Trump rioters violently attack Trump supporters, Hillary Clinton attempts to lay the blame on Donald Trump.

Clinton and her political toadies, either through naivete or ignorance (take your pick) refuse to admit that photos, such as the one above, showing anti-Trumpers carrying Mexican flags and "vote socialist" signs while rioting and destroying private property actually help the Trump campaign.

Not all Democrats appear to be as clueless as Clinton.

A few Democrats and Hispanic activists said Friday that they are increasingly alarmed by a spate of violence at Donald Trump rallies instigated by anti-Trump protesters, fearing that the incidents — widely viewed on television and social media — will only help the GOP candidate and undermine their attempts to defeat him.

It really shouldn't be surprising that Clinton blames Trump, the recipient of the attacks, for the violence directed towards him. She has a history of blaming the victim for the actions of the perpetrator. Juanita Broaddrick - Eileen Wellstone - Paula Jones - Kathleen Willey.

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