Friday, June 10, 2016

June 10th Gardening Update

I make a short visit to the property in Magatas this morning. Thanks to the recent rains, the butternut squash plants are surviving. I was hoping before checking the plants today that they'd be doing a little better, but all things considered, I should be grateful that the squash is going as well as it is.

In an earlier post, I noted that my wife's papa would be transplanting cucumber plants along side of the fence. From what I saw this morning, it doesn't appear that he's done that yet.

I've given up on the zucchini. None of the zucchini seeds have germinated and I doubt they ever will. I'm about to give up on the sweet pepper seeds as well. It's been two weeks since I began germinating the peppers and none have sprouted.

I am. however, having luck with the cantaloupe. The cantaloupe seeds are the latest seeds that I've put out and I have two sprouts so far. I wrote that I would be moving the soil dug up for the piggery septic tank and make use of it to plant the cantaloupes. I haven't moved the soil yet, but should begun that project after the festival.

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