Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Sibulan Public Market

Every morning, when my son and I take our walk, I take along my camera on the chance that I'll see something I think is worth posting, either on this blog, or Facebook. Naturally, I'll photograph anything I believe to be unusual or out of the ordinary, but some times I will photograph quite ordinary things; what might be looked upon as ordinary here might be consider extraordinary to my friends and family outside Philippines.

As we were walking this morning, it occurred to me that I had never posted photos of the public market taken inside the market. Unfortunately, today was not the ideal day for that.

The photos taken in the fruit and vegetable area did not turn out very well. Due to improper lighting, these photos were blurry and not fit for posting.

When I arrived in the area where pork is usually cut up and sold, I was surprised to find that there was absolutely no pork being sold. No pork - no butchers.

I don't know the exact reason behind this. Perhaps, there was no pork available after yesterday's Lechon Baboy extravaganza. Maybe it was just assumed that people would either be burned out on pork, or content with left-overs. Perhaps the butchers needed the day off.

Of course, I'll have to return another day to get better photos. I just picked the wrong day.

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