Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What About the Libertarian?

In 2008 when it became clear that John McCain would be the Republican candidate for President, and I believed the Democrats would pick Hillary Clinton over the then relatively unknown Barack Obama, I originally supported the Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr for President.

Generally speaking, I tend to agree with the Libertarian Party on quite a few issues - particularly on the role of the government and fiscal policies. Where I usually differ from the Libertarian Party is on the subject of abortion. Libertarians very often express "pro-choice" views on abortions. I could support Barr in 2008 because this was the one area where, like me, he differed from his fellow Libertarians.

Now, with the choices given us by the Democrats and Republicans - probably Trump vs Clinton - I cannot support either Party and am looking at the Libertarian Party once again.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has been appearing on cable television and at first glance, he seems to be more "reasonable" than either of the "main stream" candidates. Of course, I'd want to look into his positions.

When the issue relates to Homeland Security,Health Care,Gun Control,Government Reform, I have very little disagreement with Johnson. His support for the the legalization of marijuana seems reasonable to me, as well - although unlike Johnson, I do not smoke marijuana.

I differ with Johnson on the legalization of same sex so-called "marriage" , but I agree that "the government ought to get out of the marriage business." On Fox news Special Report today, Tucker Carlson hit him with a polygamy versus same sex "marriage" question that had Johnson on the ropes. Johnson believes the Federal government was right to legalize SSM but maintains the issue of polygamy should be left up to the individual States......a bit of a contradiction.

Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that I might agree with Johnson more often than I disagree (which can't be said about Trump or Clinton) Johnson's "pro-choice" views are a deal breaker for me. For me, I believe the un-born child is a human being and as a human being cannot live or die on the choice of the woman.

In 2008, when it became clear that Barack Obama would be the Democrat nominee over Clinton, I felt that Obama might be worse than either McCain or Clinton, who I identified as two peas in a pod. I held my nose, and voted for McCain. I won't do that again.

I cannot vote for either Clinton or Trump under any circumstances. Unfortunately, this time around,I can't support the Libertarian either.

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