Thursday, December 15, 2016

Maayong Pasko Sibulan

In a post from Tuesday, [Merry Christmas from Sibulan] I posted a photo of the Sibulan Municipal Hall and remarked that, had a similar government agency in the U.S. decorated a government building with Christmas decorations, there would be severe weeping and gnashing of teeth by some who fear an endorsement of religion by the powers that be.

In that photo, the Nativity scene was devoid of people. In the photo taken this morning, we can see Mary, Joseph, a couple of shepards and a few sheep. There is, of course, no baby Jesus in the manger, as Christmas day has not arrived.

In the photo below, we see a sign announcing that the Municipal Government of Sibulan will present Christmas 2016 Switch on Ceremony. OMG.....a sign connecting a government agency with a Christian Holy day in a positive way.

Heads in the U.S.A. are exploding.

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