Thursday, December 22, 2016

More Bird Encounters

Photos of my Yellow-bellied Sunbird has inspired me to post photos of other birds I see while I'm out and about.

The photos I'm posting today were taken this morning while on a walk with my neighbor. We took a detour off the paved road that runs from Barangay Maslog - through Barangay Cangmating toward Barangay Poblacion in Sibulan. The detour is 99% unpaved. It was the recommended alternate route from parts of Cangmating to Poblacion when the bridge near the ice plant was being repaired earlier in the year.

The black bird in the photo looks to be in the genus Corvus - some sort of crow or raven. It was tied at one leg and is obviously a pet. I don't know if this bird is native to the area.

The white bird is, obviously wild. Not being an ornithologist, I can't say if this is a crane, heron or egret or another of the more than 600 species of birds that make their way to the islands.

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