Saturday, December 10, 2016

Toad in the Hole

This morning, my wife and I went to the property in Magatas, Sibulan to check on the workers' progress. While looking about, I discovered that a toad had fallen into one of the holes the workers had dug for the support columns. Naturally, I couldn't resist taking photos.

I wasn't going to spend my entire time watching the frog's struggle - I stepped away for a few moments.

When I returned to the hole, the frog had come down from the re-bar and eventually made an attempt to climb the wall.

Unfortunately, the spot it had picked for its climb had a root protruding from the dirt, which blocked its path. The frog could not manage to bring its leg around the root.

After it had return to the bottom of the cement covered floor of the hole, I put a log into the hole on the off chance that the frog might make its way onto the log and out of the hole. I didn't think that the frog would have the intelligence of a mammal - which would have figured out the secret. But, I was hoping it might accidentally stumble upon the solution.

When the time came for us to return home, the frog was still wandering about the hole. I don't know its eventual fate.

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