Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 29 Gardening Update

In a post published last Friday [The Piggery: Day Three] I explained that the piggery would be delayed for about three weeks and how, after the completion of the septic tank, there wouldn't be another blog post on the piggery until then. I'm not exactly contradicting that, I'm merely posting a photo of the tank after it was completed. The men working on the tank ran out of cement - the area where there is only gravel now, will be covered in concrete as well.

The blocks outline the area of the future piggery. It will be built directly over the tank - extending a little bit further than the tank. The piggery, when completed, will be divided into two sections with a concrete block wall running through the middle.

The photos taken of the fence show several mounds where my wife's papa will plant cucumber. I believe he has quite a few seedlings almost ready for transplanting into the ground.

As I mentioned in an earlier post on gardening, I'm trying to germinate a variety of sweet pepper seeds. I had begun trying to germinate zucchini seeds - it's been long enough that I should be seeing results, but it looks as if the zucchini won't be sprouting.

Monday, I'll go to the property and begin moving the dirt that has piled up from the septic tank project. I'll use that soil to try and plant either cantaloupe or watermelon.

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