Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Man Impregnates Woman and World Goes Insane.

My vote for the most insanely stupid headline of the century goes to express.co.uk with their lede, "Transgender man gives birth to his OWN BABY in world first".

The article gets difficult to follow, so I'll try and unravel it.

It begins, "A TRANSGENDER couple has become the first to have their own child after a man gave birth to his own baby."

Absolutely wrong. The article states, "Fernando Machado, who used to be a woman, met Diane Rodriguez, who used to be a man, on social media two years ago and started a relationship."
Fernando was born a woman and remains so. She has had no "corrective surgery" and remains biologically a woman even though she believes herself to be a man. Her spouse, Diane was born a man and remains so. Fernanado still has a functioning vagina and uterus while Diane still has a working penis.

Dressing up in the other gender's clothes and changing your name does not make a man a woman or make a woman a man.

This is simply a case of a woman, who thinks she's a man, getting pregnant by a man who imagines himself to be a woman.

Sorry, but a man did not give birth to a baby.

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