Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How Much is that Doggie on the Piggery?

While I've spent a lot of my spare time taking photos to be uploaded to Google Maps, I've been neglectful in my updating photos for this blog, concerning the pigs and our our property in Magatas. I had an errand to run out at the property this afternoon, so I took a few photos while there.

When we had finished the new digs for two of the pigs a new gate was added - of course - and I needed to purchase a lock for that gate. When we last bought the 100 kilos of commercial pig feed, we also bought three large plastic garbage cans, with lids to keep rats from getting into the feed. I also purchased a new lock and chain. I found out that day that we'd also need a new lock for the bahay kubo where we store the feed.

Bringing that additional lock was the errand that took me to the property this afternoon. When I arrived, I saw one of Papa's dogs perched upon the piggery much like Snoopy perched upon his doghouse. Luckily for the dog, the chain around his neck is long enough to permit such escapades.

My wife's Papa also has a few chickens on the property. The photos below show the chicks, inside a cage, taken a month ago and a photo of the chicks, outside the cage, taken today.

When I arrived at the property, the pigs were squealing like they were hungry. I went inside the bahay kubo and gave each a half ration of feed. I was reasonably sure that they had not received their afternoon feeding, but I was equally sure that my wife's Papa would be by later to feed them and I didn't want to risk them having double rations. Inside the bahay kubo, I saw a fighting rooster tied to a beam. He'll probably be sold and I guess he's too valuable to be tied up outside. Sorry, I didn't take a photo of the rooster.

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