Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ms Ann's Piaya

On E.Rovira Dr. in Dumaguete, not far from the 3rd gate of St. Paul's University, we find Ms Ann's Foodtown. In many ways, the shop isn't much different than any other bakeshop in the city. In one way, however, Ms Ann's is different. The shop makes their own piaya.

According to the wikipedia article linked to above, piaya typically comes with a dark, brown sugar based filling in addition to a number of variations - such as ube or mango. Ms. Ann's isn't the only place in Dumaguete where one can purchase piaya, but in all the shops that sell piaya, I've only found the brown sugar filled and ube filled varieties available. I wish I could find the mango.

This particular package of piaya holds eight and sells for 40 pesos - roughly 80 cents US at the current rate of exchange. Of course, it's difficult getting an idea of the size of the piaya when photographed - particularly in the package, so I've also photographed two of the piaya next to a cup of coffee.

I'm also including a photo of the building and a screenshot of the shop's location from Google Maps for anyone in Dumaguete that might want to stop by.

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