Thursday, March 30, 2017

Update on Peppa and Olivia

Sadly, I haven't been issuing regular status reports on my two pigs. I've let the adventures of Peppa and Olivia take a back seat to other issues - such as my occasional sightings of Volkswagen Beetles in the Dumaguete area, or my thoughts on the books I'm currently reading.

At any rate, it seems that both pigs are now pregnant. Not having an exact date as to the time the pigs were bred, I can only guess as to the date of when each one will farrow. I wrote of a 2nd attempt to breed Peppa around Feb. 21. According to a gestation table found on the website, I might expect Peppa to farrow about June 15. Again, I have no date as to when Olivia was bred, but I'm estimating she will farrow about 2 weeks after Peppa.

I've read that it should take about 8 - 10 weeks for a piglet to reach lechon size, that would put reaching the ideal size about the middle of August.

For anyone interested, the top photo is of Olivia, the lower photo is of Peppa. I wouldn't want anyone to lose sleep over this.

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