Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Patel Quien Jelo Update.

Not long after posting the series on Patel Quien Jelo, I attempted to continue the series by posing as another potential victim for Ms. Jelo (using the name Wanda Tuinphro).
Unfortunately, the scammer didn't take the bait.....actually said that Wanda's ID looked fake!

Yesterday, I received this comment on The Adventures of Patel Quien Jelo; Part 1 from someone going by the name Tash.
"Tash said,
hey there! just looking up what gold durst exactly was only to discover that QUIEN JELLO is also a LETISHA AISHA EZEH????
yeah she contacted me last saturday and it didnt open it until monday...Wow this chick is full on hey? she'll try anything by the souds of it..
I have to say the biggest thank you to you all for this blog and sharing your stories on here..
I was going to fall for it too!!
and would have if i wasnt searching for wat this "gold durst" whats happens now? has she never been caught?"

So, it looks as if Ms. Jelo may have felt that identity was vulnerable, so she (?) has morphed into Letisha Aisha Ezeh.
That's good to know. Should I ever receive an email from that one, I'll know to use someone other than Fred, Misty or Wanda to reply.

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