Saturday, May 31, 2008

Silly Susan.

I wish I had a dollar for ever time a Hollywood celeb announced that if "such and such" Republican candidate is elected President of the U.S., they've leave the country.......but are still here in spite of what they'd promised.
Now it's Susan Sarandon's turn. She said recently, that if John McCain is elected, she'll move to Italy.
Odd, she should choose Italy, considering her dislike of Pope Benedict XVI. She is quoted as saying,
"This particular Pope is not one of my favourites," she says.
"I am pretty suspicious of him and my only message to him is that he should become more compassionate and more involved in what the world needs now instead of his archaic kind of outdated, misogynist infrastructure the Church has going now."
My choice for Pres. is Libertarian, Bob Barr, but I'd like to see McCain win - if only to see her leave.

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