Thursday, August 18, 2016

France Bans the Burkini

In France, where liberté,égalité, fraternité is the national, tripartite motto, (as opposed to the U.S.A., where the tripartite motto is sex, drugs, rock&roll) a number of freedom loving communities have issued a ban on the burkini - a modest, full bodied swimsuit worn by some Muslim women- calling the swimming attire part of the "enslavement of women".

Mayors in some French towns considering the ban, have never actually seen a burkini. In France, apparently, a liberated woman must be immodestly, never modestly, dressed at all times.

Those supporting the ban maintain the issue is not Islamophobia, but about some folks desire to control women's bodies. Just like abortion, I guess.

In the country where I live, the women are inclined to wear more modest beachwear compared to the typical American or French woman. Although not prohibited, by any means, because of their concern for modesty, as well as skin protection, one is more likely to see a Filipina dressed in a bulky t-shirt and shorts, while swimming, rather than a skimpy bikini. If given only two choices of swim wear - a tiny, skimpy bikini or a burkini - I suspect the average Filipina will choose the more modest swimsuit.

However, if we're talking women's liberation, the Filipinos have managed to do something neither the French or Americans have done - elect a female President, twice.

So much for liberté, égalité, fraternité.

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