Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The "Hey Joe Show" Blows

A few weeks ago, we learned that the "Hey Joe Show" would be coming to Robinson's Mall in Dumaguete as part of their 2016 tour. My wife, my son and myself are fans of their videos on Youtube, and we were looking forward to seeing them in person.

For those unfamiliar with the "Hey Joe Show", they are a group of five young, very, very white guys who are very popular in the Philippines due primarily to their fluency in Bisaya (Cebuano). Five, reasonably attractive white guys who speak a Filipino language.......what else can a young Filipina ask for?

When I say these guys are very, very white, I mean it. It's obvious that none of these guys have any Filipino ancestry, and I was confused, when I first came upon the group on line, as to why they were so fluent in Bisaya. It was their total white bread image that finally gave me a clue.

These guys had to be Mormons. They have Donny Osmond and Mitt Romney written all over them and because of their world wide missonary activities, Mormons have a training center in in Provo, Utah.where 56 languages are taught.

The "Hey Joe Show" was scheduled to begin at 5:00 PM at the Mall. Apparently, the young men take their "Amerikanong Bisaya" label seriously; the show was over 30 minutes late getting started. The guys were chauffeured by van into the Mall well after 5:30. That didn't set well with me.I had begun to think that this was a "No Show, Joe Show". While the "Joes" sat in their van, the crowd was "entertained" by folks from the audience playing a rather pointless game. Eight young people (seven girls, one boy) sat in chairs and attempted to move a chocolate "coin" from the forehead to the mouth, using only facial muscles - no hands allowed. When this game ended, and we learned that another game was set to begin, my son told us he was hungry and we left the show and made our way to Jolliebee.

After eating, we left the Mall without seeing the five Joes. It was a completely disappointing experience. It was after six when we left, and the boys were still sitting in the van. I have no idea when the actuall show started, but frankly, I couldn't care less.

The "Hey Joe Show" blows.

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