Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trump Wants Ban on Legal Immigration from Philippines

When I first came upon a story, linked to on Facebook, that Donald Trump had listed immigrants from Philippines as coming from one of a number of "terrorist nations that shouldn't be allowed because you can't vet them", I was a bit skeptical.

After all, we're talking about, 1) the Internet, 2) Facebook and 3) Donald Trump. I assumed that the story was just another Trumpian Internet rumor - something less than true, used to stir up anger against the Donald.

It appears that I was mistaken.

At a rally in Portland, Maine, Trump provided a lengthy explanation of why he thinks the United States needs to be skeptical of immigrants from many countries, even if they follow the legal process. Trump did indeed reference Philippines as one of these "terrorist nations".

Needless to say, Filipinos are not happy with Trump. In an opinion piece, one Philippine newspaper called Trump everything but a white man. In addition to calling Donald a jingoist, a fear monger and reckless, in a separate editorial, the paper said Trump had "orange skin and [the] ridiculous hair".

In a bill filed in the Philippine House of Representatives, one lawmaker is seeking to permanently ban Trump from entering the country.

In some ways, it's understandable that some might link Philippines with terrorism; Recently, the terror group Abu Sayyaf beheaded 2 Canadian nationals and have kidnapped several more foreigners. It's difficult, however, to stand behind Trump on this when one knows countless Filipinos who are most definitely not terrorists.

There's little to worry about in regards to Trump. I've said, on more than one occasion, that Clinton will most likely defeat Trump in the election for POTUS. I don't say this because I prefer one candidate over the other - I dislike them both - but I believe the 2016 election will come down to which one is hated less. In this case, I believe slightly fewer Americans despise Hillary than Trump. I know, having to choose between those two is like trying to decide if you'd prefer mustard or mayo on your fecal sandwich. These two are the candidates the American voters have chosen, and they're stuck with them.

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