Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dhelvies Construction Supply Company

As I've mentioned before, I will, on occasion attempt to add a location onto Google Maps. Sometimes these edits are approved immediately, other times it might take longer.

Most of these additions mean very little to me. This time, however, I wanted to try and add a business that I patronize. We've been doing business with Dhelvies Construction Supply Company for over a year, and I wanted to put it on the map.(I've written of Dhelvies in an earlier post).

Yesterday, I took the photographs seen here. I didn't have my IPhone with me at the time, so I returned today to get the latitude and longitude of the site - ( 9° 21' 15" N 123° 16' 46" E) and set out to add the business.

I was immediately successful. The location was added to Google Maps along with my photos and review. The map follows below, as well.

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