Saturday, June 24, 2017

Removal of the Farrowing Pen

My son and I drove out to the property after lunch today to check on the piglets. I was surprised to see that my wife's papa had already removed the farrowing pen. I thought that he would keep the sow in the pen a bit longer - if not until the piglets are weaned, at least until the male piglets are castrated. The sow is, naturally very protective of the piglets, and was raising quite a fuss when we moved the piglets to remove their teeth yesterday. I wouldn't want to pick up the piglets with the mother outside the farrowing pen. It's possible that my wife's papa may have already castrated the males this morning. I didn't inspect them.

While I was there, I needed to give water to both the sows - particularly Olivia. Nursing the piglets requires her to drink more water. I also needed to do a bit of cleaning in Peppa's pen. There was an industrial size turd in her trough that needed to be removed. That would take more water. As it turned out, I needed to fetch water from the spring to fill up the 30 gallon container that holds the water beside the piggery.

I told my son to hold my camera while I fetched the water. While I was fetching water, he was taking a photo of a goat.

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