Tuesday, June 27, 2017

While Sorting Through Boxes -

Prior to moving to Philippines three years ago, my wife and I shipped several balikbayan boxes here containing everything we could possibly send. Of course, we have limited space in our present apartment and some of the balikbayan boxes are being stored at my in-law's house.

Over the weekend, my wife went to her parent's home to see what, if anything, we could bring to the apartment. Among the books, dishes and other assorted items, there was a metal pyramid that I made in 1979. I was working for a sheet-metal company at the time. Outside of work, I was interested in odd geometric structures like geodesic domes and pyramids. The sheet metal domes I made at the time have not survived. I put together this pyramid while at work during my lunch break, cutting pieces of sheet metal into the four triangles and welding them together.

Who would have imagined that a pyramid would appear amid the items sent from the U.S.A?

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