Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Pig Update

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have two sows - Peppa and Olivia - both are pregnant and due to deliver this month. I've estimated that Peppa will farrow on about June 15, with Olivia having hers about 2 weeks later.

The photo above shows an area next to the existing piggery where my wife's papa will build an area to hold the piglets after they're weaned. According to websites I've visited, sows in the U.S. average 12 piglets per pregnancy. Neither of the sows have farrowed before, so I don't know how they'll compare to that average. It would be nice to have an additional 2 dozen pigs in a month's time.

The second photo shows the current status of my yellow squash plants. After applying pig manure to the garden area, I've learned that using manure as fertilizer on vegetables isn't recommended if the plants might come in direct contact with the manure,  particularly if the veggies are eaten raw,due to concerns about E.coli. With a veggie like tomatoes, this wouldn't be a problem due to the way tomatoes are staked. The fact that the yellow squash won't be eaten uncooked means that there shouldn't be reason to worry about E.coli, but I will lay down a layer of mulch before the plants put on fruit to prevent the squash from touching the manure.

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