Saturday, September 24, 2011

Capt. Eddie Shields.......Nigerian Scammer. Part 5.

Re: code
Saturday, September 10, 2011 5:06 AM
From: "Capt.eddie Shields" (
To: "Misty Meaner"

Dear Cousin Misty,

I had to leave an urgent field ops just to mail you back as soon as I got a beep showing a mail alert from you on my phone. I am very much happy first of all that you have taken this delivery seriously and as your own. We are on the road to success. Your kind gesture is appreciated and will be returned soon.

I do not want you to relent in your effort. You don't have to,You really do not have to. And according to the information i got from Harry Taylor, what the Homeland Security needs is just $870 and not $2000 so you have to be careful so you do not pay moe than is required ok, and there is an advantage for us here.

Money was not going to be a problem because I had enough to ship the boxes to you. But I am unaware of this recent development which has taken me completely as a surprise. I do not know what to do now because there is no way I can send funds from here due to my location at the moment, it is impossible for me to do that, And I do not need to involve anybody into this because of the sensitivity and risk of involving a third party. I have put all my trust in you and the failure of this transaction will either come from you or me. Either way both of us will go down and that will be a shame after all the effort we have put so far. We are doing this for our comfort and to retire comfortably later in life. Find a way and get the funds and clear whatever is remaining. If I could, I will not be asking you to because I have the fund. But I cannot do anything from here and you are the only option left. I have no one to involve and will never involve another.

You have done a lot already. Do not let the boxes be broken. Do not let the boxes stay at a place too long to arouse suspicion. Do not say you will not involve your fund. You have a large percentage in this deal that will change your life too. This was not my doing. Let us work together. Anything other than that will only cause us pain. We are in it already and together and lets finish it. I am begging you as a fellow American. Do this and stay blessed. I can be trusted and I hope I can rely on you too. Now contact Harry and find out how you would make the payment of $870 today because we do not have much time.

Do hav a great weekend and stay blessed


Re: code
Saturday, September 10, 2011 3:33 PM
From: "Misty Meaner"
To: "USA Army" (

Dear cousin Capt,
Can we really trust Harry Taylor?
You say he told you homeland security wants $870.....but he told me the cost was $2000.
I think he may be trying to cheat us.

Re: code
Saturday, September 10, 2011 4:58 PM
From: "Capt.eddie Shields" (
To: "Misty Meaner"

Hello Cousin,

Yes we can, Harry is very trust worthy, and He also forwarded the mail from the Homeland security to me, So you have nothing to worry about, we are on a safe side, and that is a better advantage for us, that way we wount have to spend much. Please time is not on our side, If we waste more time, the boxes might be broken, and the content woulkd be discovered. Please contact Harry and find out how you would be able to get this boxes released today. Keep me posted from time to time ok. I will be waiting.

God Bless

Fw: Problem With The Homeland Security
Sunday, September 11, 2011 9:30 AM
From: "Harry Taylor" (
To: mistymeaner

Hello Madam,

I sent you an e-mail concerning the problem I have been having here with the Homeland Security and your boxes, and I have still gotten no response from you yet. I need you to know that this is a very serious issue down here because the authorities are threatening to get the boxes broken so they can be sure of its content, Or you can provide them with a non-inspection permit to avoid this. Please read the forwarded mail below for confirmation.

I have used my immunity as a diplomat to delay they action that the authorities are planning concerning the boxes, you really have to act fast here, after much discussion and negotiation with them, I need to inform you that if you are unable to make it down here, I can stand as a representative for you, and if you do not have the Non inspection permit needed, you would have to make a payment of $870 via the western union to Their affiliated agent in Michigan with the information below

Receivers Name: Paz Isidoro
Address: Kentwood Michigan USA
Amount: $870

I would nee a quick response from you today as soon as you get this mail, also once the payment has been made, you would have to feed me with the full payment information, or a scanned copy of the payment slip, after this is done, leave the rest for me to handle as I would stand as your representative, and get the boxes released. We have to work with time here Madam. Also see the mail below from the Homeland Security.


Re: Fw: Problem With The Homeland Security
Sunday, September 11, 2011 7:13 PM
From: "Misty Meaner"

Dear Mr Harry,
I have decided that I will let Homeland security open the boxes. I won't be sending any money.

RE: Problem With The Homeland Security
Monday, September 12, 2011 4:08 PM
From: "Harry Taylor" (
To: mistymeaner

Madam, there is a very serious problem here concerning your boxes, the DHS authorities opened the boxes today, and the found out that its content was a huge sum of money which i was about to deliver to you.

It is a very serious issue, and they have been asking me to forward them with your address so that they could apprehend you, but i have refused to do that because it is against our company's policy to do so. Madam please i would need you to co-operate with the authorities while i do my best here, but do not give them your information's to be on a safe side. I was advised by one of the authorities not to allow you come down here or you would be arrested for money laundering.

They are requesting for a DHS Anti Money Laundering Form before they would get the case closed and also release the boxes to me. This form they say is the only solution to this problem it would serve as an immunity that would prove you are not involved in money laundering, and that the money involved is not in any way a stolen money,neither is it involved in terrorism Sir.

I am so sorry about all this, i really do not know why it is totally different here in the USA, the authorities are so strict, and hard to deal with. Let me hear from you soon Madam.


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