Sunday, September 25, 2011

Capt. Eddie Shields.......Nigerian Scammer. Part 7.

After receiving a "serious email from Homeland security" when they discovered the content of the two boxes, Misty looks to Capt. Eddie for help.

Fw: Content Of Your Trunk Boxes

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 2:27 AM
From: "Misty Meaner"

Capt Eddie,
The Dept of Homeland Security has opened the boxes.
What shall we do?

FW: Content Of Your Trunk Boxes
Monday, September 12, 2011 5:29 PM
From: "Harry Taylor" (
To: mistymeaner

Below Is what am talking about, that is a forwarded mail from the Homeland Security, and there is a big trouble on my neck for withholding your information. Please help me so you dont get into trouble.


[ Harry forwards same email sent to Misty from "Homeland security" ]

Re: Fw: Content Of Your Trunk Boxes
Tuesday, September 13, 2011 12:06 PM
From: "USA Army" (
To: "Misty Meaner"

Dear Cousin,

Am sorry that all this is happening at this time and you shouldn't
have allowed the authorities to have the boxes broken due to the
contents of the boxes, that was why i pleade so much with you to make
sure this does not happen at all. This is the Homeland security
remember, I did not bargain for this, and I do not want them to do
anything wrong to you because I would feel hurt too, therefor we must
co-operate with the authorities very well.You must understand that
this authorities don't take cases of money laundering so easy as they
like to nail any victim of that circumstances to the wall due to the
rate of terrorism that has been happening in USA lately.

Please i need you to try and co-operate with the deliveryman so that
he can help us obtain the Anti- Money Laundering Forms needed because
that is the only solution to this our problem or we will be going down
for this which i know either you or i won't want to go in for 10yrs or
more imprisonment and this is going to tarnish my image in the US

Since Harry is already aware of the content of the boxes, promise him
that you would give him a $100,000 to make sure he does not give out
our information to the authorities for any reason, and let him find a
way out of this for us since he is already down there. Note, Never for
any reason go down there, you read the mail, I do not want you to be
arrested ok, you have to take note of that aspect.

I am really so sorry about all this,I have been away on an emergency
assignment and just got back, i never expected all this hitch,because
this same boxes by passed every other authorities in other countries
before getting in to the USA, and they never had a problem, The
security in the USA is becoming too tight, and i think we have to
co-operate with them to avoid other external authorities.As you can
see, the boxes are already opened, I can take a risk and get a hold
of $8000 with my unit and credit a ref through the delivery company
used by my unit, But it will take 24hrs for me to credit and have the
delivery company send it to them. You would have to promise Harry a
sum of $100,000 from the boxes so he can also assist us here too.
Please all hands must be on deck. So please try your best even if you
have to borrow or pawn shop today and raise some amount and start off
so that they can start processing while i raise the 8k.

Raise the balance please. I do not want to get anybody involved in
this so that nothing leaks and get us into trouble. Your effort now
will determine our success this is 40 million, If this problem did not
come up, we would have been so happy by now, I am glad the Homeland
security agent is even willing to help as long as we co-operate.
Please go ahead and try. Do something and raise the the much you can
and send to them. Even if you start with the $1000 you wanted to pay
before or $2000 and then complete along the line. Do whatever you can,
pawn shop, loan, borrow. just anything. I am tensed up and want to see
this mission succeed without problem.

Still stand on the fact that you are a registered contractor assigned
to work with the boxes. So do not tell them any other thing.try and
raise something and find out how to pay it from Harry or the DHS.
Also, how would the forms be filled up after paying ? Because i am
scared of you going down there, It is better Harry stands in there for
At least i am happy we have an option here, the boxes are still in
tact, and not confiscated. I do not want any of us to get into any
sort of problem, therefore all hands must be on deck, we cant let this
happen to us, we are very close to success, that is our money there,
and i am very mad and surprised here.

We have worked so hard for this, and there is no way we would allow
such an opportunity slip away so easily. Am sorry that all this is
happening at this time and Harry shouldn't have allowed the
authorities to have the boxes broken due to the contents of the boxes.
But it looks like it was too much for him to handle.

Am willing to increase your percentage/share of the money by adding an
extra %10 if you can try your best and see that this case is closed
from your end by co-operating with the deliveryman and the authorities
to provide what document they require for the release of the boxes.
Please provide me with the details where the money would be sent so i
can proceed with making the payment of $8000 as i stated earlier. We
have to work with time here, as we do not have much on our sides. I
would be waiting because this is our life and our comfort. It is for
us and our children and to help the poor also. So help me achieve this
dream. Try your best. Also let me know if you can do real estate
investment. I need your response urgently because this is very
important for us to conclude as quick as possible so that we don't
make mistake that will cost us. Tell me, are you going to clear the
boxes or not?

In God We Trust, God Bless you my dear cousin,I will be awaiting your response


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