Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Capt. Eddie Shields.......Nigerian Scammer. Part 1

The first of September found me with writer's block and general ennui viz a viz the blogosphere. Out of boredom, I felt the time had come to bring Misty Meaner and company out of retirement. For those of you unfamiliar with Misty, "she", along with Lucy Ricardo, Fred and Lamont Sanford and Wanda Tuinphro are the personae I use to scam the scammers, so to speak. We all receive the emails from all sorts trying to separate us from our money, identities and social security numbers. From time to time, I will answer these emails while posing as one or all of the above mentioned quintet.

The latest series come from a Nigerian scammer calling himself Eddie Shields. OK, you say, we know it comes from a scammer but aren't you being prejudice calling him a Nigerian?

Au contraire.

I use Yahoo email to communicate with these scammers and if you know where to look, you can locate the IP address from where the email originated. Eddie's first email came from ........Nigeria.

So, without further ado, I'll post the beginning of Eddie's adventure with Misty.

From Capt.Eddie Shields
"USA Army" (d-usmilbase@blumail.org)
September 5, 2011 2:12 PM

Greetings Dear,

Once again thank you for your response to my mail,I am Capt.Eddie
Shields,an O-3 presently serving in the Military with the US Army,I'm
commander of the Paratrooper with B. Co, 1st Battalion, 325th Airborne
Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division
stationed here at Camp Victory Baghdad Iraq, and part of the troops
still remaining in Iraq to complete the later part of the war plan.

However, I am on the move to Afghanistan from Iraq as my unit was
deployed to Afghanistan on a temporary mission from where I should be
heading home after a dedicated and selfless service to my country. and
I really need your help in assisting me with the safe keeping of two
military trunk boxes which has just arrived the USA and would be
heading to you as soon as you agree to help me with the safe keep. I
hope you can be trusted?

Be rest assured that this is an opportunity that has come for both of
us to be comfortable in life. Please all I need from you, is to make
sure that you adhere to my instructions, as this is 100% risk free.The
funds in question was discovered by my unit During our war campaign in
Iraq my team was responsible for a lot of raids on Saddam Hussein
(Iraqi former president) palaces and while one of such raids was going
on we discovered the sum of $140 Million dollars packed into military
trunk boxes and hidden in Saddam's underground secret chambers. As a
soldier my first instinct was to report this to but on a second
thought I have sacrificed years of my life to serving and protecting
my great country, most of us have lost friends and loved ones in the
line of duty for me i have been married twice of which none ever
lasted for up to 3 yrs due to the nature of my job. My 18 yrs old son
turned to drugs as he lacked parental guidance and eventually died
from overdose as a matter of fact i can't begin to mention all my
sacrifices and losses but know that the glory of America is built on
our pain & blood, this is why I decided to use this opportunity to
make some fortune for myself since the funds belonged to an ex tyrant
whom we captured and has been executed by the International court of
justice. As the leader of my unit i reported $100 million dollars out
of the funds we discovered and used my position to ship the remaining
$40 million dollars out of here to the USA for safekeeping until after
my assignment as we have been deployed to Afghanistan to help out with
the on going war on terror.

This is my private email address so that no one will be able to trace
anything. Please note that the usage of private phones here is out of
bound to us out here because all international calls are monitored.
But I will always work out ways to call you via public phones when
necessary. Like I told you earlier I'm still on duty here in
Afghanistan after we moved from Iraq and if such amount of money is
traced to my account in the united states, I shall be investigated.
Hence I need you to assist me keep the funds safely . It is $40
million in total, we would share it 70/30 percent, and you would help
me invest in hotels and real estate. I am also assuring you that this
is %100 risk free, I have already taken care of the fee needed, like
you can see, the boxes has safely arrived the shores of the USA, and
all i need is your trust, assurance and confidentiality.

Your own part of this deal is to provide a safe place where the funds
can be sent to, while mine would be sending it to you by diplomatic
means. Can you be trusted to handle this serious and confidential
transactions? I will explain further and provide you with the
necessary information's you would be needing like the name of the
diplomat in charge of the shipment, his phone number and everything
you need to know, when I get a response from you.

I really need your prayers towards us, if you have been watching the
news, you'll find out that there was a recent attack on us down here
which left about 31 soldiers dead, I lost a couple of friends during
this attack, and I am presently amongst the troops heading for this
mission. I am not sure if i would make it back alive, but I want you
to promise me that you will take this just like your own. My Daughters
picture is in one of the boxes, along with my house address with
instructions, just in-case i don't make it back, she is all i have
got, and I want you to take her like yours too, she is a very smart
and nice girl, and I can die for her to make sure she is comfortable
in life. I also want to thank you for all the prayers and support
these last few years, i am very grateful. Do have a wonderful day. I
have attached a copy of my passport and ID so you could at least see
what I look like. Please give me a response as soon as possible

God Bless
Yours buddy.
Capt.Eddie Shields

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