Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Piggery: Day One

Due to the rain Monday, no work was done at the property in Magatas. I arrived at the lot Tuesday morning and found my wife's papa and his helper digging the hole for the piggery septic tank.

I didn't take an exact measurement, but the hole appears to be about 1 meter wide by 2 meters long. I'm told they'll dig 2 meters deep. Four cubic meters of dirt will be removed. This is being done by hand, using shovels and a metal rod that's flattened on one end.

I spent part of the afternoon transferring the dirt by bucket to the area where I'll set out the butternut squash plants. After hauling the dirt, I spread pulverized carabao manure over the mound. I'll put out the squash plants late Wednesday afternoon just before the sun sets.

There's another good size hole where a 2nd coconut tree had been cut down and stump removed. I'll start filling in that hole Wednesday morning, but I won't be planting anything there.

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