Monday, May 23, 2016

Welcome to the Future

Folks roaming about the Poblacion (downtown) area of Sibulan, who would otherwise have to walk from point A to point B, heretofore had two transportation options.

Option one (as seen in the above photo) is the motorcycle powered tricycle. Before buying our car, I had made use of this form of transportation when either going to the highway to catch an easy-ride to Dumaguete, or taking the tricycle directly to the city.

The 2nd option available is the bicycle/human powered pot pot.

Obviously, the pot pot is used by people wanting to go relatively short distances. I'm almost ashamed to say that, not long after we first arrived in Sibulan and were staying at the in-law's house, we did take a pot pot going to church. I felt guilty having someone carry me about this way.

Now, there is a third option for those moving about in Sibulan. It is a battery powered, electrical vehicle.

Sorry, I don't know the local term for this vehicle.

These vehicles arrived in Sibulan after we had purchased a car, and after I had begun walking regularly; I've never had the need to ride in one. Had the vehicles been here when we first arrived, riding in one would have eliminated the guilt I associate with paying a man to take me hither and yon, by pedaling a bicycle.

Needless to say, these electrical pedicabs improve the air quality - no choking exhaust fumes like those from internal combustion engines. I wonder though, if the electrical powered vehicles help "global warming" or climate change. Producing electricity does affect the environment. Further complicating the question is the fact that electricity on this island is produced geothermally.

Also, I can't speak to the economic issues surrounding the electrical vehicles. I don't know the price of the pedicab; I don't even know the priced charged to ride in one. I do know that, in spite of the fact that the there are no fossil fuel costs associated with producing electricity here, the price of electricity is very high. Does the driver save money recharging the battery (how many times a day?) versus the cost of putting gasoline in a motorcycle?

I have lots of questions, but few answers.

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