Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Refrigerator Repair Update

Our refrigerator had been down for five days when I published the first post on our wait for the repairmen. As promised, the repairmen arrived the morning of May 24. They were able to diagnose the problem. A part would have to be ordered, of course. We could expect the part to arrive in 4 or 5 days.

The repairman said the part had fried (my word) due to fluctuations in the electrical power supply. He recommended that, while waiting on the part, we should purchase an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) to prevent future fluctuations. He gave us the names of two electrical supply companies in Dumaguete where the AVR could be purchased. We drove to both stores in order to check the prices. We found one that fit our budget - the price difference on the same AVR (Sassin 1500VA) at the two stores was over 500 pesos.

Naturally, we choose the cheaper one - at 2,800 pesos. The attendant at the store where we had decided to purchase the AVR told us that the one we had chosen was made in China and we really should buy the more reliable 6,000 peso AVR.

I was born at night.....but it wasn't last night. We went home with the 2,800 peso AVR.

A phone call to the repair shop yesterday verified that the part had arrived Saturday afternoon after Monday's repair schedule had been made, so it would be today before the repairmen could come here. The men have been here and gone. The part has been replaced, the refrigerator connected to the AVR.

Fortunately, the part and labor was covered under the warranty. We're out the money for the AVR, but you can put that down to the unreliability of the electrical system here.

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