Saturday, November 12, 2016

Butchering the Pig

I mentioned in an earlier post that we'll be having a few parties this month - the first one being tomorrow - and we'd be slaughtering one of the pigs today. In my last post, I wrote that the three men working on the septic tank would be the ones to butcher the pig. I've included a few photos of the event. I didn't take photos of the entire process, but still, some may not want to see the ones I have posted.

You've been forewarned.

Needless to say, when the pig was roped and taken out of the piggery, he may not have understood what was happening, but he began to squeal the most God-awful racket. The two other pigs joined in and were soon followed by the dogs. The barking and squealing didn't stop until the pig was dead.

My wife's papa gave the two remaining pigs a bit of feed and they calmed down somewhat. They won't suffer the same fate as their brother. The two females are being raised for breeding so they won't be slaughtered.

In exchange for the butchering, the men were given the portions of the pig I don't want - the head, the feet, the blood and the offal. We also gave a 400 peso advance on the septic tank work. They'll use the money to buy Tanduay and have quite a party tonight with their share of the pork.

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