Monday, November 28, 2016

Hack Update

In a post from last Thursday - 1st in SEO.......1st in Racism?- I wrote of one company's planned to end all business relations with Republican and/or Trump supporters. As I wrote in that post, I disagree with the owner's view that Trump is a racist or a fascist, but I felt he was free to do business with whomever he wants.

I also mentioned in the post that portions of 1st in SEO's on line profile had been hacked. It appears that those hacks have been dealt with, although there is still something curious going on with the company's presence on Google Maps.

The first two photos below are from my earlier post, showing that the name "1st in SEO" had been exchanged with "1st in racism". The third photo shows that all references to the company had been removed from the map of Albuquerque. The 4th photo shows the situation as it now stands. When going to the "contact us" section, the Google Map shows the location for "SEO Miami - IPXSEO.COM". Whether this is intentional on 1st in SEO part, or another hack is something I can't address.

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