Tuesday, November 8, 2016

No, Ms Parker. We Won't be Fine.

As usual, Kathleen Parker gets it wrong. In her recent column,[Calm down. We'll be fine no matter who wins,] Parker maintains that the idea that the U.S. has never been as divided as it is today is an exaggeration. "In other words," she writes, "our politics have always been thus, though with one significant difference." She goes on to put the blame, more or less, on the fact that "we never stop receiving news of everything, everywhere in real time". In other words, the Internet and 24/7 cable T.V. news.

Ms Parker believes everything will settle down after the election because whichever candidate wins, he or she will be held back by the Senate and Congress, and after all is said and done, neither candidate is as bad as all that.

We'll see.

My view is that the country is divided, and both Clinton and Trump are extremely unpopular, and this divide guarantees wide spread demonstrations and riots against the ultimate victor.

Parker is more optimistic than I am regarding the post election state of the nation. I believed she's naive. We'll soon see which of us is correct.

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