Thursday, November 10, 2016

I Was Wrong About Trump

I admit it; I was wrong about Donald Trump - or should I say President-elect Donald Trump?

Anyone who knows me personally, or has read my blog knows that I did not vote for Trump. I didn't vote for Hillary Clinton either. I decided to abstain from voting this time around.

My lack of support from Trump had little to do with his policies. I don't believe that he is a racists or Islamophobe or any of the otherphobes the Democrats accused him of being. I believe his plans regarding immigration to the U.S. are based on a need for tighter border security and a job protection for American citizens, not because of a hatred for Hispanics or Muslims.

No, my main objection to Trump as a candidate was my fear that he could not defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election. I was mistaken. I honestly thought that Trump would push Clinton into the White House. I absolutely did not want Clinton elected and I was convinced that Trump would bring that about.

I was wrong.

I am so relieved that Hillary Clinton will never become POTUS, that I am more than willing now to give a President Trump the benefit of the doubt.

Congratulations, Mr. Trump.

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