Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Volkswagen Beetles in Dumaguete

Before moving to Philippines from the U.S.of A. I looked into the possibility of bringing my automobiles with me. It wasn't that I had anything particularly fancy, but I thought that it might be an option, if the price was right.

I was soon disabused of that notion. With the high taxes and restrictions on what vehicles can be brought into the country, I saw that the cost was far too prohibitive for my budget. Because of the practical impossibility of bringing a used car here, I was surprised to find a relatively large number of Volkswagen Beetles being driven around in the Dumaguete area.

It's not like there are a gazillion here, but three of the five photos posted here were taken this afternoon after I had decided to start taking random photos of the Beetles I come across. Those three photos were also taken within the municipality of Sibulan - contrary to the title of this post.

As a general rule, I rarely go out without my camera and a spare battery. Now that I've posted these five Beetles, I'll put forth an effort to photograph more Beetles that I see.

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