Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Property as Seen from Overhead

I've written quite a few posts on our property in Magatas, Sibulan. I thought it was time that I included a screen shot of the property location as seen by satellite on Google Maps.

The property is located in the "boondocks" (as opposed to the bundok) and the closest named location on Google Maps is the Barangay Hall in Magatas.

Coming from the Poblacion Barangay in Sibulan along the (unnamed) Magatas road, the Barangay Hall is located on the right. It's seen on the left in the above photo. Crossing the road, one sees a little road headed east. I use the word 'road' loosely here. A car can go down to the 'intersection' shown on the map. To that point, it's drivable. Just past the intersection above our property is the place where the right of way begins. Until that right of way is paved, no car can reach the property, although it can be reached by mini dumptruck.

The Google Maps page from which the screenshot was taken can be found here.

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