Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dems with TDS want to Prosecute Trump Before EC Vote.

In a sign of total desperation due to a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, someone named D. Kunfro has started an on line petition at asking the US Justice Department, the Attorney General, and the Department of Homeland Security to "Prosecute Trump for illegal offenses before the Dec.19 Electoral College Vote"

The petition reads:

"We respectfully call upon the appropriate Federal Authorities to thoroughly investigate the many possible illegal offenses of Donald Trump, the Trump Corporations, and the Trump Foundation before the members of the Electoral College meet to cast their final vote on Dec. 19. The Electoral College was created by the framers of the constitution to protect against corrupt demagogues; the Electors should be given the full opportunity to vote their conscience if it is formally determined that Trump has broken the law. Throughout the campaign, allegations of Trump's illegal activities have surfaced: tax evasion, business scams, tenant intimidation, hiring of undocumented workers, illegal trade, bribery, sexual assault, incitement of violence, and collusion with a foreign government to influence an American election. If Trump is guilty of crimes, he does not deserve to be our President".

At the time of this post, the petition has garnered 50,193 supporters. I'm not one.

Needless to say, I won't link to the petition.

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