Thursday, May 18, 2017

Conversion Diversion

In my post - "I Guess Some Conversions Don't Take"- I wrote of the difficulties I was having converting George Orwell's novel Burmese Days from pdf format to mobi. Given the choice, I prefer reading novels on my Kindle as mobi rather than as a pdf on my PC. As a matter of fact, I don't care to read pdf documents on the Kindle either.

Normally, when a novel is available on line - but not as a mobi - I will copy and paste the novel onto a rtf document, then convert the rtf to pdf using CutePDF Writer. Once I have the pdf , I upload the pdf to, convert the pdf to mobi, download the mobi, and voilà, I can read the novel on my Kindle the way I like.

I first found an copy of Burmese Days on I followed my normal procedure, but the resulting mobi was unreadable on Kindle. I tried the process again with a copy I found on Project Gutenberg Australia. The mobi produced that time was not readable either.

Rather than give up, I thought that perhaps it was the size of the pdf that was the problem. Maybe, if I tried the conversion with only a few chapters at a time, the resulting mobi would turn out ok.

Going to, I was able to access each individual chapter separately. When I tested Chapter 1 and found the resulting mobi worked perfectly, I divided the remaining 24 chapters in 4 documents. Each of these pdf uploaded much faster than the previous complete documents and each turned out perfectly.

Not wanting to go without a book to read while trying to get a readable copy of Burmese Days, I began reading Three Short Works by Gustave Flaubert (not to be confused with Three Tales).
According to wikipedia, Flaubert's Three Tales include A Simple Heart, Saint Julian the Hospitalier, and Hérodias. The book I'm reading substitutes Hérodias with Dance of Death. No explanation for the change is given. I'm read 80% of Three Short Works; I've downloaded Hérodias, and when I've finished reading it, I will move onto the Orwell novel.

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