Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Getting the Planting Area Ready

As can be seen in the top photo, my yellow squash seedlings are doing nicely and it won't be long before I'll need to transplant the squash to a permanent location.

There is limited space available on our property in Magatas. A portion of the available space, not taken up by the house and piggery, is currently being used by my wife's papa to grow Japanese cucumbers.

In my proposed area, there is a young goat doing its part to clean off the location. Unfortunately, it isn't eating fast enough to suit me.
I went to the property this morning to begin work on the planting area. It was not my intention to do too much today. After doing my morning weight training and my daily walk with my son, when breakfast is finished, it is beginning to get too hot for much work.

The final photo shows the little work I accomplished this morning, and the two tools I'm using to get the spot ready -
 1) the goat and 2) propped against the papaya tree, the hoe I'm using.

One of the reasons why I'm happy to have this spot for the squash is that, while the area will get sunshine, the banana plants and coconut trees help shade the area; I'm afraid the squash might not withstand too much direct, Philippine sunlight.

As long as we don't get typhoon - like rains, the plants should be alright. Time will tell.

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