Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Headless VW Beetle

Late this afternoon, we had business on the opposite side of Dumaguete. When we had finished, we needed an alternate route home to Sibulan; the traffic going over the Banica River via Real Street was bumper to bumper. I had a difficult time crossing over earlier and I was not going to return home that way.

We were at the NSO and we knew of another road we could take, that would take us past the Ceres Bus Garage. All went well until we reached the Banica River again at a spot known as the Over Flow. Normally, the river flows underneath the road at this point, but if the water is especially high, it was flow over the road - hence the name, Over Flow. As we approached, the river was flowing over the road. Some vehicles were driving through the water, but I had learned my lesson in the U.S. and would not drive across the Over Flow.

We turned around and went back toward Jose Romero Road. Rather than turn right onto Jose Romero, we turned left in the direction of Valencia. My wife knew of an alternate route which would take us to Sibulan by going around our asses to get to our elbows, so to speak.

Don't ask me to explain the route. I couldn't do it again on my own. We did manage to come out near Camanjac. I knew my way after that.

Before reaching Camanjac, we passed by this headless VW Beetle, so I had to pull over for a photo.

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