Friday, May 19, 2017

Little Teepees

This morning, when I drove to the property in Magatas to water the squash plants, I discovered that in addition to other assorted chores on the property, my wife's papa has taken it upon himself to water the new plants. Never-the-less, I still went back this afternoon, after the sun no longer fell on the garden plot, in order to check on their status.

As can be seen in these photos, her papa had already watered the plants for the evening, but he had also built little teepees over each group of plants. I'm not exactly certain of the purpose of these teepees, but my wife believes it's a support to keep the plants from bending. Honestly, I don't see much use in that with yellow squash. That's not the way we did things back home.

Although I see no practical purpose for the cone shaped thingys, I left them alone - at least for the time being. There may come a time when I'll remove them, but not now.

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