Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Digital Scale

While it may be possible to get a pretty accurate estimate of a live pig's weight using a measuring tape and calculator, for obtaining the weight of individual pieces of cooked meat one most definitely needs a scale. When calculating the price of the meat, a digital scale is the way to go.

We expect to be selling lechon by the kilo very soon, so my wife and I went shopping yesterday afternoon for a butcher knife, cutting board and digital scale. We found the things we needed at Unitop on Perdices Ave..

The scale, pictured above, will take a maximun weight of 30 kg - which is much, much more than we'll ever put on the scale. It operates on either AC or with the rechargeable battery included in the purchase. This scale cost us PHP 1500 which comes to approximately $30 at the current exchange rate.

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