Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Right of Way.

The three photos posted here show the right of way onto the property, taken from opposite angles, three months apart.

The top photo shows the entire right of way as seen the first week of April. We had widened the original pre-2016 right of way to accommodate vehicles larger than a motorcycle. Eventually, the entire right of way will have to be paved if we want to be able to drive our car onto our property.

Not long after the return of the rainy season, we were approached by folks who used the right of way to access their property. The rains had washed out portions of the right of way entrance, making it difficult for anyone on motorcycle to make it through. Men in the neighborhood were asking permission to pave a small section. The group would provide the labor and cement if we would provide the sand.

We agreed, and my wife's Papa was to watch them as they worked. I had agreed to their proposal because any work they would do would mean less for us to do in the future. I knew before they began that  the paved area would not be as large as I would have liked.

The 2nd and 3rd photos show the right of way after the work was finished. Before the work was begun, I told my wife that we could donate even more cement to the project while they were willing to pave a section, but somehow my plan was not conveyed to the men working.

All in all, I've no complaints; every little bit helps. When the day comes when we will have to pave the entire right of way, we'll hire the men in the neighborhood who worked on the original paving. Since they'll be traveling on it they have an interest in seeing it done right in addition to making a few extra Pesos in the process.

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